Building that Vegan Business Mastermind Group Philippines: Mindset, Stories & Insights

Awesome sauce!

Hello! :) My name is Carmela.

I have been plant-powered since 2011, and one of my passions is to ignite others by sharing my own learning and insights from my own experiences. I do have a knack for creating things from the ground up -- whether a business, a brand, or an experience (mostly with barely any capital).

I'm also passionate about using my skills for what I believe would serve the greater good.

I believe in a life of purpose and fruitfulness, of using our time wisely and becoming the best versions of ourselves so that we can do more for others. And as much as I enjoy building businesses on the inside, I am more fired up by the notion of reaching out and touching others by sharing my own stories and insights.

Hence, this little meetup!

Let's get started.


I was thinking of a small gathering, perhaps a Mastermind. A Mastermind is a group of like-minded people coming together to share their current business journeys, challenges, struggles, and yes, definitely our wins (can't always be negative now)! Non-business owners, explorers, anyone seeking to learn are all welcome, by the way! Also, as much as I know I have so much I'd like to share, I would also like to hear from you and perhaps we can also all learn from each other. So let's do a little bit of both.


I propose:

I can make a more organized agenda, based on your input below.

How does that sound?


Please do fill up the form below and I'll be getting back to you for more details! Eyeing this venue: 12th Street, New Manila, Quezon City (depending on number of confirmed attendees). 

Let's get together soon!


P.S. No visuals here, just pure content, sorry. No time to beautify appropriately. But this will definitely get the job done! ;) See you soon!