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Almond Butter Extra Dark Cacao

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    Made by Maxine Almond Butter

    It’s yummy nummy protein in spreadable form. It’s heaven in a spoon. It’s more than just for breakfast. Dinner, snacking, munching, what have you. Trust us on this one. 

    Real Goodness Natural  |  Organic  |  Plant-Based  |  Proudly from the Philippines
    Our Partner Made By Maxine

    Imported US almonds, organic cacao nibs, organic coconut sugar, salt



    High in Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin E, Magnesium

    No Refined Sugars or Oils

    High in healthy fats / monounsaturated fats which keeps satiety longer

    Almonds help lower blood pressure and are nutrient dense

    Made by Low Glycemic Coconut Sugar

  • Proudly from the Philippines, Made by Max sells a range of almond butter products.

    All natural and zero added oils (the oils come from the almonds themselves!) and refined sugars.

    Most important - The Max PROMISE: A minimum 70% almond content per jar!

    Organic coconut sugar is used to make it diabetic friendly (less blood sugar rises/ low glycemic), similar regular sugar but with a slight caramel taste.

    Oil separation may occur but can easily be remedied by fully stirring the mixture – oil that appears is oil from the almonds themselves, nothing else.

    Shelf life is 10-12 months at room temp – AVOID exposure to extreme temperatures (especially heat as this can promote rancidity), and 5-6 months in the refrigerator. 

    • Best with WARM toast (to bring out the almond flavor)
    • As a creamy protein packed sweet dip with fruit slices
      • Serving suggestion: apple slices orange slices
    • Mixed with vegan ice cream!
      • Serving suggestion: Cinnamon Vanilla goes well with coffee ice cream, Extra Dark Cacao with choco milk or dark choco                      
    • Enjoy with bananas to impart a sweeter dimension (esp. with Extra Dark Cacao almond butter)
      • Serving suggestion: banana almond butter smoothies
    • Slathered on waffles, toast, pancakes
    • Mixed with oatmeal and granola for added crunch and protein
      • Serving Suggestion: Toasted Macaroon Dark Cacao for added crunch
    • Almond butter Cookies
    • Almond butter Fudge (Mix almond butter with coconut oil, freeze and voila!)

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