Almond Butter

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    Made by Max Almond Butter

    It’s yummy nummy protein in spreadable form. It’s heaven in a spoon. It’s more than just for breakfast. Dinner, snacking, munching, what have you. Trust us on this one. 

    Real Goodness Natural  |  Organic  |  Plant-Based  |  Proudly from the Philippines
    Our Partner Made By Max

    Extra Dark Cacao Almond Butter: imported US almonds, organic cacao nibs, organic coconut sugar, salt

    Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter: imported US almonds, organic coconut sugar, cinnamon powder, ground vanilla pod powder, salt


    High in Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin E, Magnesium

    No Refined Sugars or Oils

    High in healthy fats / monounsaturated fats which keeps satiety longer

    Almonds help lower blood pressure and are nutrient dense

    Made by Low Glycemic Coconut Sugar

  • Proudly from the Philippines, Made by Max sells a range of  almond butter products

    All natural and zero added oils (the oils come from the almonds themselves!) and refined sugars.

     Most important - The Max PROMISE: A minimum 70% almond content per jar 

    Organic coconut sugar is used to make it diabetic friendly (less blood sugar rises/ low glycemic), similar regular sugar but with a slight caramel taste..

    Oil separation may occur but can easily be remedied by fully stirring the mixture – oil that appears is oil from the almonds themselves, nothing else

    Shelf life is 4-5 months at room temp – AVOID exposure to extreme temperatures (especially heat as this can promote rancidity), and 5-6 months in the refrigerator. 

    For nutrition facts, here's a estimated calorie count for the almond butters: (per serving is 1tbsp or 22g):

    Cinnamon Vanilla: 9.8g fat, carbohydrate 8.1g, protein 4.1g

    Extra Dark Cacao: 10g fat, carbohydrate 7g, protein 3g

    • Best with WARM toast (to bring out the almond flavor)
    • As a creamy protein packed sweet dip with fruit slices
      • Serving suggestion: apple slices orange slices
    • Mixed with vegan ice cream!
      • Serving suggestion: Cinnamon Vanilla goes well with coffee ice cream, Extra Dark Cacao with choco milk or dark choco                      
    • Enjoy with bananas to impart a sweeter dimension (esp. with Extra Dark Cacao almond butter)
      • Serving suggestion: banana almond butter smoothies
    • Slathered on waffles, toast, pancakes
    • Mixed with oatmeal and granola for added crunch and protein
      • Serving Suggestion: Toasted Macaroon Dark Cacao for added crunch
    • Almond butter Cookies
    • Almond butter Fudge (Mix almond butter with coconut oil, freeze and voila!)