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Superfood Starter Set (5-Piece)

  • Description

    Your have the power to choose to live a Super life.

    Always tired, not feeling your best and looking for change? We've got you. 

    These limited edition Superfood StarterPacks have mini versions of our best-selling Superfoods, perfect for gift-giving. There's no better time than now to share the gift of health with our loved ones, perfect as we start a new year with a stronger, healthier Super life.

    Going healthy -- made easy. Because some gifts are priceless.

    Power up! Choose to live a Super life.



    • Chia Seeds 227g
    • Spirulina 100g
    • Maca 100g 
    • Cacao Nibs 227g
    • Coconola Tropical 200g

      With an increased intake of fruits and vegetables, experience:

      More energy
      Less cravings
      Faster recovery
      Glowing skin
      Deeper sleep
      Super immunity
      A more vibrant, Supercharged you

      How to Use

      Pop. Blend. Gulp.

      Yup! That easy. Done in 3 minutes, Delicious too (even kids love it!).

      Simply blend together with fresh leafy greens and fruits for your daily, nutrient-rich and fiber-rich Super Green Smoothies to supercharge your day. Recipe template included.


      Coconola Goodness

      Enjoy Coconola best paired with dairy-free milk for breakfast, or munch on its own as a delicious on-the-go snack. Sprinkle as a topping to your unsweetened oatmeal, chia pudding, and other delicious desserts.

      Real Goodness

      Our Mission: To make living healthy easy for you and your loved ones, while being rooted in goodness. 

      We believe in achieving the highest form of health, bursting with life and energy, free from sickness, lethargy, and imbalance. We are champions of natural, plant-based foods known for their significant impact on the human body.

      We are also champions of local farmers (by bringing their products and empowering stories to consumers) and stand for compassion towards animals (by making more equally delicious plant-based alternatives available).  

      Choose to live a Super life! Let us show you how. 

    • Always tired, not feeling your best and looking for change? We've got you. Whatever your age or starting point, whether you're in the best of health or the worst of it, physically active or a couch potato -- there's no better time than now to get on track and take charge of your health to live your best life. 

      Super Green Smoothie is the easiest way to take in all the living nutrients you need in one delicious glass. It is bursting with living nutrients and fiber straight from nature.

      Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of disease-fighting antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are foods that deliver a host of benefits above and beyond those in a standard diet. An example would be our very own Malunggay (Moringa). When combined with raw leafy greens and fruits in a Super Green Smoothie, it forms a powerful combination of phytonutrients and fiber that serves as one of your best defenses against disease -- for yourself, and your loved ones.


      • More energy
      • Less cravings
      • Faster recovery
      • Deeper sleep
      • Glowing skin
      • Stronger immunity
      • A healthier, more vibrant life!


      Making Super Green Smoothies a part of your daily lifestyle levels up your health for a supercharged, healthier you.

      Get healthy! Eat right. Live right. Choose to live a Super life.


    • Delicious, nutrient-rich and easy, it tastes like a fruit shake and only takes 3 minutes to make.

      Pop into a blender with fresh greens and fresh fruits. Blend. Power up! Recipe template included in the StarterPack.

      For more free recipes, click here: Free Green Smoothie Recipes.

      For our free Green Smoothie Quick Start Guide (eBook) with Super tips, common newbie mistakes, FAQs and free recipes sign up here: Free Green Smoothie Starter Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Enjoy Coconola best paired with dairy-free milk for breakfast, or munch on its own as a delicious on-the-go snack. Sprinkle as a topping to your unsweetened oatmeal, chia pudding, and other delicious desserts.

    • “Just started my green smoothie starter pack and it’s simply awesome! Thanks for doing this and making it easy for us all.”

      Danielle Faber

      "I started taking Superfoods about 2-3 weeks ago because I wanted to take control of my life and start living healthy. Not just for me, but for my 21-month old son and my husband. I'm not particularly healthy in terms of food intake, nor do I have an active lifestyle! I'm always sleepy and tired. I have trouble sleeping also. But once I started taking The Superfood Grocer's Maca Power, I've been having better sleep and I'm definitely more energetic. No more cranky mommy in the morning. I even started doing yoga at home! I'm determined to continue this journey because I can really see the changes it does to my body and perspective in life."

      Roxi Santiago, Mommy Blogger, mommyroxi.com

      “Green smoothies work! Totally swear by your maca powder! I feel stress / anxiety-free and waking up feels great in the morning. I also feel more energized and less sluggish / lazy, now able to train 4-5x a week. Thank you The Superfood Grocer!"

      Gerald Martin Go

      “I never thought I’d be the type to like vegetable smoothies, but I found myself looking forward to my daily fix with simple and delicious do-it-yourself recipes. Try it out, but be warned: You might get as addicted as I am!”

      Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro, Editor-in-Chief, Metro Weddings / Beauty Editor, Chalk Magazine

      “First time I tried maca I could already feel its effects. No longer would I need coffee or energy drinks to start out my day. Adding this to my shake every morning before I train has kept me more alert and focused when training jiu-jitsu.”

      Ronald De Villa

      “Thanks to The Superfood Grocer Philippines for making it easy for me to give myself and my daughter a natural way to live a nutritious and healthy lifestyle! Here's to a great start!” 

      Paola Marie Loot, Mommy Treats

      ”Really thankful to you guys. Hope you can touch more lives in the future."

      Wilma Dela Cruz-Ligot

      ”The zest for life and health of the supercouple behind this company is contagious.” 

      Marie Gonzalez, Kitchen Revolution

      “I love that you’ve made plant-based nutrition available here at very low prices. I’ve been taking maca and I’ve seen the boost in my energy levels. I’ve been sleeping like a baby, recovering faster (read: shorter sleep), and waking up refreshed. I love it! Kulang na lang talaga magising ako na may make-up at kumanta ako ng good morning sa inyo.”

      Jessica Cuenca

      “Maca saved my grades!” 

      Luis Mison

      “The Superfood Grocer is being run by a passionate dancer-athlete couple who are vibrant examples of what super living is all about. Their superfoods are at such a great deal!”

      Asha Peri, Dahon Kusina / Leaf Kitchen

      Just want to share with you. I'm taking my green smoothie everyday (except for 3 days when i was out of town) for a month now. I really saw the improvement in the quality of my sleep. I was inspired by your healthy vegan lifestyle and the book "eat to live". So now, i'm on my 8th day of my "almost vegetarian" diet. This is a big step for me since i do not like the taste of raw green leafy vegetables. But now i'm starting to like it. I hope i can continue this and adopt this as a lifestyle. Thank you for introducing this to me. More power to superfoods!

      Anne Jimenez

      "Glad you guys are here!"

      Mona Lisa Neuboeck, Mona Lisa Raw

      “My Green Smoothie of the day with The Superfood Grocer’s Maca Powder! Just what I need after teaching a 630am Jivamukti Yoga class!"

      Nancy Siy, Manila Jiva, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

      "The Superfood Grocer Philippines is the best!"

      Celine Fernando, Raw Food Chef & Teacher


      "We had strawberry margaritas last night. I have a feeling that maca saved me from a hangover."

      Jessica Cuenca

      Just wanted to thank you again, we were doubtful about our daughter competing at last Saturday's nationals after contracting a virus, But thanks to your products and to prayers she was able to go and win gold :)Amazing advocacy and products you've brought in"

      Jerald Acosta

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