Hurom Slow Juicer

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  • Model Hurom Masticating Slow Juicer HA100W
    Super Perks

    12 months to pay, 0% interest for Metrobank, BPI, and BDO (only for metro manila) for outside metro manila BDO cards only to avail of 12 months to pay 0% interest

    Official Distributor of Hurom in the Philippines, with 5-Year Warranty for unit

    Free Delivery within Metro Manila, Nationwide charges apply


    White HA Series Php15995 (~Php1,332 per month at 12 mos.)

    Chrome HA Series Php16995 (~Php1,416.25 per month at 12 mos.)


    Hurom Juicer

    • Hopper
    • Squeezing Screw
    • Coarse Strainer
    • Fine Strainer
    • Spinning Brush
    • Bowl Motor Base
    • Pulp Container
    • Juicer Container
    • Pulp Strainer
    • Hopper Lid
    • Cleaning Brush Pusher
    • Juice Cap
    • Plug Adapter


    FREE Hurom Juicing Recipe Book

    Tofu Maker

    Instructional DVDs

    Warranty Card

    Instructional Manual


    Functionality Juicing is a great way to complement a healthy, nutrient-rich lifestyle abundant in whole fruits and vegetables. Use this alongside your Super Green Smoothie / blending habit when some days call for a smooth, clear, refreshing juice. This also comes in handy when juicing citrus (before blending in with a smoothie or taking in as is as a juice) or other food items that are tough to blend, like beets and carrots. This also works wonders when making homemade creamy nut milk and freshly squeezed coconut milk (gata).
    How to Order

    - Select your preferred variant (color) in the drop down menu above.

    - Click on Add to Cart. Check out.

    - Select Option 4 (COD/credit card swipe upon delivery for Hurom Juicers) as your mode of payment

    - We will contact you via phone to arrange for delivery schedule (Credit card will be swiped upon delivery for installment payments).

    - Feel free to contact us at, if you have any inquiries or concerns

    -Free Delivery within Metro Manila, nationwide delivery charges apply

  • Why Hurom?

    Keeps the enzyme intact. Hurom employs the Low Speed Technology System wherein the fruits and vegetables to be juiced are pressed and crushed. The mainstream methodology involves crushing and grinding which may damage the enzymes of the fruits and vegetables and this is not the technique that Hurom employs with this juicer for maximum nutrient preservation.

    Preserve Longer. Slow Juiced fruits and vegetables also preserve longer up to 24-48 hours compared to 6-7 hours if via high speed juicer

    More yield. Studies show that the model is capable of extracting up to 50% more juice, This means 50% more vitamins and minerals for the drinker. 

    Minimal foaming The great thing about this juicer is that it doesn’t produce any foaming. Bubbles usually occur due to the fast movement of the juice as it slams in the glass. However, the slow juicer doesn’t product liquid this fast, allowing for a slow and smooth descent into the glass.

    Quiet The Hurom is quiet, and makes very little noise when juicing, great for late night juicing as not to disturb or wake anyone up.

    Looks great! Hurom has a sleek modern kitchen friendly design. 

    Why Juice?

    Great medium to consume raw fruits and vegetables making it a great complement to blending green smoothies.

    Absorb nutrients with minimal digestive effort thus making it great for healing and for people needing to recover from disease.

    Juicing and superfoods are a great mix! While juicing (The Hurom HA has a cap to keep stirring inside the juicer) or after juicing, stir in some Organic Chia Seeds, Maca Power, Camu Camu Berry, or Spirulina from The Superfood Grocer for an added nutrient Super boost.