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Instant Matcha & Houjicha Roasted Green Tea Bundle

  • Description

    Get your favorite cafe-quality drinks in just 1 minute with our NEW Premium Instant Matcha & Houjicha Green Tea Bundle. Enjoy the goodness of green tea in the best ways possible!

    • Easily Dissolves
    • Authentic Matcha from Uji, Japan
    • Sweetened & Dairy-Free
    • Perfect Iced, Hot or Blended!


    Size 100g (Makes 25-30 servings) per variant
    • Powerful Antioxidants
    • Focus
    • Energy
    • Relaxation
    Ingredients  Sugar, Roasted Green Tea (Houjicha), Pure Matcha
    Real Goodness

    Natural | Sweetened | Dairy-Free | Easily Dissolves | Authentic from Uji, Japan

    No artificial colorings. No artificial flavors. No need to add sweeteners.

  •  Our Houjicha and Matcha powder is sweetened, easily dissolves even in cold liquid, and is ready to drink. Just mix this with your favourite non dairy milk to instantly enjoy the richness of Japanese green tea.

  • For Instant Houjicha, Mix 1-1.5 teaspoons of Houjicha Powder with 1 cups plant-based milk. For our Instant Matcha, Mix 1.5-2 teaspoons of Instant Matcha Powder with 1 cup plant-based milk.

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