JTC Omniblend High speed Blender

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  • If you're starting on your new Super life with Supercharging Green Smoothies and you'd like to upgrade your blender's abilities (think smooth consistency without the leafy or icy chunks) this ones for you

    • Functional (Does the job! Smooth consistency = check. Instant raw healthy soft-serve ice cream = check.).
    • Affordable.
    • Durable (2 year Warranty included).
    • Tried and tested.
    • Conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep (ships nationwide).

     Click on the 'Details' tab for more details on how you can make your own perfectly smooth Super Smoothies.

  • Item  JTC Omniblend High Speed Power Blender Model: TM 767
    • Smoother Consistency for Super Green Smoothies (without the leafy or icy chunks),
    • Also allows you to make instant soft-serve healthy ice cream, dairy-free substitutes (e.g. cream made from nuts), and soup (will require heating)
    • Tamper (Mixing Stick) allows you to push ingredients towards the blade to blend with less liquid (e.g. for instant soft-serve homemade ice cream) and ensure thorough blending
    • Equipped with manual variable speed control (versus single buttons), to adjust speed to blend to the desired perfect consistency
    Contents Motor Base, Blender Container, Blender Cover, Tamper (Mixing Stick)
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Frequency 60 HZ
    Power 950 watts
    Capacity  2L (68 OZ) (2000 C.C.) (8.5 CUPS)

    2 year warranty. Free repair service, unless new parts need to be replaced.

    Customers shoulder the responsibility of transporting the said item to and from our office in New Manila, Quezon City for service and repairs.

    Service & Parts

    Repair service and part replacement beyond the warranty duration also available. 

    Return Policy Although unlikely, if any defects are found immediately upon receipt of the item, please send us an email at info@thesuperfoodgrocer.com. We will facilitate repairs as needed or replace with a new one right away.
    Affordable Shipping

    Flat rate shipping of only Php 75.00 within Metro Manila or Php 200 outside Metro Manila (can also include other orders). 

    You'll be blending up your leveled up Super Smoothies in no time!

  • How to Use

    1. Make sure the switch is off. Plug the blender to the proper outlet.

    2. Place the container with its cover on the base.

    3. Make sure that the speed is on zero (0) and the switch is not on High. Switch the blender on.

    4. Slowly turn the the dial to increase to your desired speed. 

    5. You can also use the mixing stick to push ingredients downward for more thorough blending.

    6. Once done, remove from High and turn back speed dial back to zero (0).

    7. Switch the blender off and unplug.

    Tip: Place the soft items first in the blender such as vegetables and fruits and the hard items such as ice at the top

    Free Super Recipes

    For free recipes, download our Free 110-page Green Smoothie Super Starter Guide + Recipes (eBook).

    Power up! Get that blender roaring. It's time to go Super.