Pure O3 Ozonizer

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  • Model Pure O3 500mg/h Digital Ozonizer 


    Remove pesticides in fruits and vegetables

    Deodorizes and sterilizes rooms

    Removes Foul Smell and Toxinds

    Inhibits fungus and kills microbes

    Ozone injected water instantly produces high levels of ozone in water thus eliminating bacteria, odor, and chemicals that may be harmful to one’s health.

    1 year warranty and 5 year service warranty

    User for food, air, water, be chemical free!

    more info www.pure-03.com

    Product Description
    • Built-in air cooled quartz ozone tube for high stability, high ozone concentration, and low power consumption.

    • Inter-changeable gas feeding, connect with outside air feed, stable ozone output with high concentration .

    • Timer: Automatic timer 0-60mins for ozone

    • Outer structure built with ABS plastic

    • Air purifier or deodorizer effective range : 5 cubic meters.

    • Water purifier capacity: 500 liters per hour.

    • Backlit LCD screen with remote control

    • 5 Automatic pre-programmed function modes for different uses.

    • Power Source: Electrical
    • Type: Ozone Generator 500 mg/h
    • Installation: Portable
    • Size : 240mm x 170mm x 70mm
    • Capacity (CFM): For Air 5m3; For Water 500 liters/h
    • Power : 220V/ 60hz
    • Power consumption : 18W
    • Weight : 1.0 kg