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Kindred Vegan Crispy Pata

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Vegan Roasted Pork Belly Leg, available in plain, Kare kare and Paksiw na pata flavor


Texturized Soy Protein, Shitake Mushroom, Tapioca Starch, Vegetarian Mushroom seasoning, Salt, Expeller Pressed Coconut oil

Our Partner Kindred
Pack Size

Plain 250G

Kare Kare 450g

Paksiw na Pata 300g

How to cook

For Kare Kare: place half cup water and add Kare Kare 

For Plain and Paksiw na Pata best is fried or deep fried for crunchiness up to 375 degrees


Flavorful Meaty Plant-based Alternative

Shelf life

1 year. Keep frozen, exposure to hot environments may cause faster deterioration.

6 months Shelf for Ready to Eat variants (Kare Kare, Paksiw na Pata)


Store -18 degrees celsius 

How to Order

Available for delivery within Metro Manila or pickup. Unfortunately, we dont deliver this product outside Metro Manila just yet.s

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