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Plantly Chick'n Chunks

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Chick'n you love, made CHOLESTEROL-FREE 🌱

Plantly Chick'n Chunks are made with 100% Natural ingredients, all while being:

✔️ Vegan
✔️ Cholesterol-free
✔️ Not Chemically Processed
✔️ High in protein and fiber
✔️ Good for your body & the planet
✔️ Unbelievably meaty!

Each piece is seasoned to perfection so all you have to do is thaw and cook!

How to Cook: Simply pan fry with oil on medium heat until golden brown and slightly crisp on the outside. Add them to your favorite salads, enjoy with rice, or simply eat them on their own! You can also use Plantly as a delicious chicken alternative to your favorite dishes. 

Ingredients:  Water, Soy Protein, Oat Flour, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sugar. Allergen: Contains soy

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