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Super Testimonials




"I love what you guys are doing, it's about time people are more informed and enlightened about what they put into their bodies. All the best and continued success to you!"

– Monica Luna


“Thank you for introducing the Maca Powder and Camu Camu to us! Yesterday, my husband asked me what's in his daily juice. I asked why and he said, "Kung ano man nilagay mo, ilagay mo lang araw araw. Maganda kasi, hindi ako nakakaramdam ng pagod at masyadong stress" ["Whatever it is that you put in my drink, please put it everyday. It's great, I no longer feel tired or stressed!"]. Now he skips coffee in the morning and always asks for a glass of juice. Downside is I always have to wake up early! Lol. Super thanks!”

– Dee Manuel


"We love your Superfoods! I discovered that kale works for us, the taste is not too strong but still very healthy. My 7 year old son always gets my smoothies!” [This is after she first messaged us with “I'm still a bit hesitant to put in some raw green leaves there, too scared it may taste yucky. But I sure will try it out!”]

– Grace Lopez

“You two have really inspired me! I've been a health and wellness enthusiast for years but I’ve only started making green smoothies almost year after [I encountered you guys]. Now, my baby also takes green smoothies. We've also inspired my mom, relatives, and friends to drink green smoothies! I learned that despite my green and healthy ways, I can go greener and healthier! Hope to get the chance to join your workshops!”

– Jeanne Marfal

“Thank you for always being an inspiration and a guide to me.”

– Camila Labog

“I am a big fan of yours and I really am grateful for your heart to help others live a superlife through the Superfoods that you sell.”


- Mia Huang

“Thank you so much! Ang tagal ko nang naghahanap ng ganito…buti na lang at mayroon na din sa atin ng ganito. Salamat talaga. Kasama na sa pang araw-araw ko ang The Superfood Grocer.”

– Divine Grace Dagaas

“Just want to share that your page to me is like a light in the darkness. Thank you!”

– Emerald Ventura

“My kids loved your Super Green Smoothie!!! They even made kuwento to their lola [They even told their grandmother about it] over lunch!”

–Ivy Mendoza, Triathlete Supermom

“I’m super honored to be friends with one of the most passionate plant-based couples to date. They are so passionate that they are pushing to make the world greener and healthier, one glass / plate and online grocer at a time.”

– Lakapati Basa
Kusina ni Lakapati 

“I love that you’ve made plant-based nutrition available here at very low prices. I’ve been taking your Maca Power and I’ve seen the boost in my energy levels. I’ve been sleeping like a baby, recovering faster (read: shorter sleep), and waking up refreshed. I love it! Kulang na lang talaga magising ako na may make-up at kumanta ako ng good morning sa inyo.”

-Jessica Cuenca

 “I’m super thrilled about my Superfood StarterPack from the super couple [behind The Superfood Grocer]! I have been taking daily doses of [superfoods] to fortify my breakfast smoothies…I have noticed a substantial increase in energy, satiation and overall well-being. [And] this stuff laaaaaaaasts! Which to me is solid proof that you really get your money’s worth with every purchase from this Philippine based, conscious company. Glad you guys are here!

-Mona Lisa Neuboeck
Mona Lisa Raw

“I’m very thankful and I’d love to share my story [Mai is on remission from Lupus after switching to a plant-based lifestyle]. I want to inspire others as you have inspired and helped me. And I’m happy to say that I just had my regular check-up and was able to let go of one of my meds na. Cheers!”

– Mai Gabarda

“Thanks for your advice, support, and generosity. Marcus [Joana's 2-year old little boy warrior battling with cancer] continues to stay strong because of people like you.”

– Joana Petersen

“My parents are diabetic. My father has heart disease. I related to them what I learned from the plant-based nutrition seminar [GOING SUPER Workshop] we had at your place...Now, they’ve added green smoothies to their diet (breakfast and dinner). I sent them superfoods also...Thank you very much for being generous in sharing those important information. God bless you more as you continue to touch other lives. I’m still coffee-free since the seminar without any struggle at all.”

– Maiet Banquil-Martinez

 “Loving my smoothies! I rarely feel hungry ever since I started drinking them. And I actually enjoy preparing it early in the morning! I prepare a lot, so that my family can have some too.”

– Jessica Pelagio

“[Enjoying your products] very much actually. I bought the StarterPack at Urban Ashram Fort and I’m sharing it with my husband and daughter…Been making shakes since I got it. My 15 year old daughter and I are super loving it!”

– Donna Chua

”The zest for life and health of the supercouple behind this company is contagious.” 

Marie Gonzalez

Kitchen Revolution

“One of the challenges of autism is one of health and nourishment. Even harder is the fact that my autistic son lives and wants to get along with his neuro typical (NT) brother and sister. Thanks to The Superfood Grocer, now all my kids enjoy drinking their power-packed green smoothies and the love of their life: ice cream. For the first time, my kids enjoy drinking their fruits and veggies without much fuss. Best of all, my NT kids don’t have to hide from their younger brother anymore when they crave for ice cream. Thank you The Superfood Grocer for making these superfoods accessible to all.

"Really thankful to you guys. Hope you can touch more lives in the future."

-Wilma Dela Cruz-Ligot

 “I never thought I’d be the type to like vegetable smoothies, but I found myself looking forward to my daily fix with simple and delicious do-it-yourself recipes. Try it out, but be warned: You might get as addicted as I am!”

-Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro
Editor-in-Chief, Metro Weddings
Beauty Editor, Chalk Magazine

 “Thanks to The Superfood Grocer Philippines for making it easy for me to give myself and my daughter a natural way to live a nutritious and healthy lifestyle! Here's to a great start!” 

-Paola Marie Loot
Mommy Treats

 “The Superfood Grocer is being run by a passionate dancer-athlete couple who are vibrant examples of what super living is all about. Their Superfoods are at such a great deal!”

-Asha Peri
Dahon Kusina / Leaf Kitchen

“Hi guys! Feedback on my Super green smoothie journey: I recover easily from my workout, and even if I sleep late, I wake up refreshed!!! Slept for only three hours last night, and woke up feeling not sluggish at all! Digestion has also been great. Yay for Super green smoothies!”

– Jessica Pelagio

 “Hey guys, been vegan for a month now, I love it! Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks even though I eat so much food. I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed, and after my meals I don’t get that “food coma” I used to get when I was eating animal-based foods. My recovery from my workouts is amazing. And food prep for 4 meals takes me 1-1.5 hours only. I’m spending less money on food per week and it’s good for me. Thank a lot guys. Also, that Maca Power is awesome!”

– Jay Juanatas

“Thank you for introducing Superfoods to me and the studio. I thought you’d be happy to know I lost 2% body fat since I started. I have also detoxed and I love more that it keeps me full until lunch time with loads of energy. Thank you.”

– Roland Dela Cruz

Bliss Yoga Manila

"I'm really enjoying [your products] and they helped me recover much quickly from a major operation a month and a half ago.  Plus I find it fun experimenting with the various fruit & green leafy veggie combinations for my daily Green Smoothie. :-) Keep up the great work!"
- Robie Ferrer

"I enjoy the smoothie recipes I get from your site :) I really love them and the Superfoods that I ordered from you. They are really helping my on my journey to wellness :) Kudos to you all!"
- Ali

"I am very happy to inform you that I have received my order. I was so excited that I made a Super Green Smoothie right away.  I am now a fan! I followed your recipe and it definitely exceeded my expectation. It was so easy to make and surprisingly very delicious. I also love your raw cacao nibs. I read that you can eat it as is so I tried it --- and it tastes better than chocolate." 

- Rachel Dejito

"I love that we have something like this available in mainstream Manila. Thank YOU guys. P.S. So inspired by Carmela's mom's story."

- Cris Bagsic

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