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Welcome to The Superfood Grocer!

Allow us to awaken, inspire, and empower you to become your strongest, healthiest, most vibrant self through excellent plant-based nutrition.

We make superior plant-based foods accessible and affordable to fellow Filipinos, delivering these from all over the world and all over the Philippines straight to your doorstep.

We started this as a response to parents, grandparents, titos, titas, and fellow Filipinos who are increasingly being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases that are the result of our accumulated daily decisions over time: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, among others. 

We also dedicate this to the younger generations who are not yet living out their best selves: low energy, cravings, unmanageable weight gain, difficulty sleeping and getting up in the morning, low immunity and frequent sickness.

We are passionate about sharing eye-opening knowledge on going healthy and beating disease through our supercharged learning workshops and free recipes.

Get healthy! You have the power to choose to live a superlife. Let's get started.